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Tummy Tuck


Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure to flatten the stomach, remove excess skin and fat, and tighten abdominal muscles secondary to weight loss or pregnancy.


Prior to the surgery, our surgeon evaluates the excess fat and loose skin the patient has in her abdomen as well as the condition of the stomach muscles. The assessment shall be discussed with the patient in great detail.

What is the difference of tummy tuck to liposuction?

Liposuction corrects the excessive collections of fatty tissues but it cannot correct the skin laxity and the abdominal wall weakness secondary to pregnancy which tummy tuck can do.

How is the procedure done?

Tummy tuck is an out-patient procedure which takes about 2 to 4 hours under general anesthesia. It involves an incision from hip to hip just above the pubic area. Through that incision, the muscles are tightened, excess fats are removed, the belly button is repositioned and excess skin is cut prior to suturing. Effort is always taken to keep the incision covered by undergarment or bathing suit.

How will the scar look like?

Scars will be deep in color for a couple of months. Scars are usually permanent but can easily be hidden in the bikini line. In some cases, scars eventually fade to a very faint line.

What is recovery like?

There will be swelling, minimal bruising and mild to moderate pain. Temporary numbness in some areas of the abdomen may persist for several months. A support garment has to be worn for several weeks. Sitting for long periods is not allowed for a week after the surgery. Prescribed antibiotics and pain relievers shall be taken to prevent infection, reduce the swelling and address the discomfort.

What is “reconstructive” rhinoplasty?

Patients can go back to work in 1 to 2 weeks after the surgery. Strenuous activities have to be avoided for 3 to 4 weeks.

How soon can results be seen?

Significant improvement can be seen immediately. The final result will be evident at 3 to 6 months when all the swelling has resolved.
What other procedure is commonly done simultaneous with tummy tuck?
Depending on the extent of the correction, common surgical procedures done with a tummy tuck are liposuction and breast surgeries.

Who are the candidates for this procedure?

Good candidates for this procedure are those who are generally healthy, emotionally and psychologically stable, with realistic expectations, and want to correct the following:
-Excess skin and fat due to pregnancy and weight loss
-Large, protruding abdomen
-Loose, sagging skin after liposuction or weight loss
-Candidates are advised to disclose their medical history, illness and medications during the consultation.

What are the possible complications?

Complications are very rare with this procedure. Occasional risks include poor healing, bleeding, blood clotting and infection.