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Stem Cell Therapy


Skin aging is a result of a complex process which takes place inside the skin mainly affecting the dermo-epidermis and papillary dermis union:

Dermo-epidermis union: fine undulated structure whose mission is to guarantee epidermis maintenance. It is made up of collagen and fixating proteins which join the epidermis to the dermis.

Papillary dermis: constitutes the real conjunctive tissue. It is made up of fibroblasts, glycoaminoglycans and a large amount of collagen and elastin fibres responsible for skin anchoring and elasticity.

With the passing of time, skin cells progressively lost the capacity to perform their functions correctly. from 30, the natural cell renewal process slows down. Synthesis of fixating proteins, collagen and elastin reduce, leading to less skin cohesion, and in turn the appearance of first wrinkles and flaccidity.

Skin becomes finer, loses density, luminosity and tone; blemishes and expression lines appearing.

Furthermore, pther external factors like sun radiation, environmental contamination, climate, combined with generic factors and behavioural like: stress, smoking, alcohol, diet, etc. intervene in the aging process.


mesoesthetic GenTech cellular cosmetic has developed a new research channel whose aim is to prolong the life of skin cells to rejuvenate the skin.

The majority of rejuvenating therapies on the market are based on eliminating skin layer to accelerate cell renewal.

mesoesthetic presents a revolutionary cosmetic whose aim is to protect the life of existing cells basedon the natural skin capacity for self-repair.


They are progenitor cells, self-renewable via mitosis, capable of regenerating one or more differentiated cell types.  There are different stem cells in the different tissues responsible for its periodical renewal, regeneration and repair where damage occurs to the same (they act as cell reserve).

Stem cells are capable of dividing without losing their properties and generating new cells. They are the basic foundation in the cell renewal process, therefore their protection and restoration is essential. For every protected stemcell, thousands of epidermis cells can be renewed, repairing the effects of skin aging.

Skin stem cells are direct precursors of cell found in the different dermis layers. Thanks to their capacity to differentiate they can regenerate aged cells.

Nevertheless, the passing of time internal and external factors, environmental stress, etc., decelerate the activity of adult stem cells, reducing their regeneration potential. Wrinkles are accentuated; skin lises its firmness, elasticity and luminosity.

Stem Cell is an anti aging treatment to bring back a younger looking skin.  It stimulates skin to produce new cells to uncover your youth.  It will help smoothen lines, wrinkles, minimizes pores and tightens skin.   This therapy is also ideal for pigmented skin to even out discoloration. Four to six sessions are needed and are spaced about  two to four weeks apart.


STEM CELL LIVE – Human Adipose Stem Cell Serum, a safe and gentle adipose stem cell protein extract that naturally tightens skin, minimize pores and promotes faster skin and hair regeneration. The stem cell markers CD34 / CD31 and ABC62 are present within the stromal vascular fraction of human adipose tissue and can create new proteins, carbohydrates and lipids to help repair the fine lines, wrinkles and can restore and maintain firmness and elasticity of the skin.